Discover the spirit of Tokyo

As any Tokyo resident will tell you, a visit to the city can feel like a journey through time, and you’ve only travelled a few stops on the subway! With almost 10 million inhabitants, the streets hum with new technology, while remaining grounded and respectful of tradition.

Vintage meets new in Tokyo

Rarely does the past, present, and future live in such harmony as in this glorious metropolis.

Mizusawa Kannon

Built around 1,300 years ago, this historic temple has come to symbolize Ikaho.

The Tokyo Towers

The two similar towers are currently the second-tallest condominium buildings in Japan.

Whatever your vibe, everyone finds their tribe in Tokyo. The city has a reputation for diversity, ingenuity, but above all, acceptance. From your seat in the metro, you’ll spot an ageing businessman in a pristine suit, head deep in a financial newspaper. A teenager whose floppy, boy band hair has fallen into his eyes, his scuffed Vans resting next to his skateboard. In another cart, a woman in traditional dress clutches her purse in her lap, eyes closed, peacefully. Next to you, a woman in her mid-twenties, in a Peter Pan collar, knee socks and a perfect blow-dry taps frenetically on her phone. This microcosm represents a city so bustling that buildings often house a different bar or restaurant on each of their six floors.


Japanese type of skewered chicken.

Tokyo offers something for everyone

Duck into a hole in the wall yakitori shop to rub shoulders with sleepy bankers grabbing a bite on their way home. Or what about a brightly-lit diner, churning out Japanese-style burgers to self-conscious teens. A night out might involve sharing a table with a group of rowdy, chain-smoking young professionals in a smoky izakaya. Or maybe you’ll swing by the cocktail bar with a well-manicured hand on your negroni and designer shopping bags cradled in the crook of your elbow. Dessert will of course have to be Harajuku-style. Sickly sweet and morbidly Instagrammable, an ice cream shaped like a teddy bear or rainbow-hue candy floss the size of your head will leave your friends planning their trip to Tokyo in no time.

Ginza Six

Luxury shopping complex located in the Ginza area of Tokyo.

The mind-blowing experiences in Tokyo don’t end there

Tokyo’s shopping scene is a sensory overload. Whether you’re browsing in haute Ginza, rummaging in retro Koenji or tracking the cutting-edge of fashion on Takashita Street, every avenue bursts with opportunities to part with your cash. Right down to the vending machines, which will spit out anything from toys to umbrellas, comic books to steaming hot ramen. The ultimate clash of old and new, when a shiny device serves you a traditional meal.

Tokyo’s cityscape is a mash up of skyscrapers and shrines. If you look closely, you’ll see residents cross-legged on tatami mats, sipping from china cups in a traditional teahouse. Or they may be dancing with robots at the city’s premier cabaret experience. Don’t forget to stop by pachinko where you’ll find rows of wide-eyed players, young and old, glued to the arcade game temples of Tokyo. Obnoxious music, dazzling lights, and the sound of Yen cascading into trays, the true spirit of Tokyo is in its electrifying energy and freedom of expression.

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