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We get it. You want to shop a lovingly curated collection of ethically produced, hand made products from around the world. You want them effortlessly shipped to your home by a reputable company, safe in the knowledge that your purchase won’t harm anyone in the supply chain. Surely, that’s not too much to ask?! Here at azneo, we agree, so we’re rewriting the rules of retail.

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Passionate believers in retail without borders, we’ve partnered with DHL Express to deliver on our promise of offering a discerning edit of products made by the most skilled global artisans and independent labels shipped direct to your home. With you, the conscious shopper, in mind, our team have travelled the world in search of unique, beautiful and inspiring pieces for you to covet, buy or gift, guilt-free.

Remember when you were backpacking through Thailand and you fell in love with that stunning handcrafted tea set, not to mention the woman that made them, but had no room in your rucksack? Our goal is to bring those hidden gems, tied with a bow, to your front door with zero hassle.

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We’ve got big dreams, dreams of making the world a better place. But for now, we’re focused on making the world of retail a healthier, happier environment, where shoppers and artisans both win. We’re bridging the gap between talented creators the world over and our ethical shoppers, both of whom deserve more than the old retail landscape is offering.

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No doubt, your coffee is organic, your books bought from an independent book store and your chocolate supports fair trade. Now, with azneo, you can align your home, fashion, athleisure and beauty with your values, and know that our choices today will build a better tomorrow.