CSR Policy

Azneo Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We believe that the solution to mindless mass consumerism lies in each of us making better choices to safeguard the future of our planet. With that in mind, we only partner with brands who embody one or more of the following ethics:

To make sure our brand partners are aligned with the ethics we hold dear, we measure the following impact areas for sustainability and ethical clout:

Transparency + Traceability

Can the brand trace and share information on the origins of its products, including raw materials, workshop and maker?

We look for:
  • Accountability and openness on where products are made, the people who made them and the working and living conditions of those people.
  • The ability to trace a product through the supply chain back to its original source.
  • Opportunities to engage in social and environmental programs and improve traceability.

Fair Trade or Maker Well-being

How are workers compensated for their skills? Are their labor rights respected? Can they earn enough to invest in their future and develop themselves and their community?

We look for:
  • The protection of workers’ rights and the guarantee of safe working conditions.
  • The payment of a living wage, allowing makers to improve their quality of life and that of their community thanks to improved access to education and services.

Environmental Sustainability

How is the brand working to minimize its environmental impact? Are they investing in more sustainable processes and materials for the future?

We look for:
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • An understanding of and effort to reduce environmental impact.
  • Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change.
  • Contributions to the sustainability of water resources.
  • Avoidance of chemicals and manufacturing processes that harm workers and the environment.
  • Efforts to reduce landfill waste from products and packaging.

Sustainable Raw Materials

Does the brand use raw materials which are sustainable and improve the lives of the growers? (Other than in the case of products made with reclaimed/recycled materials.)

We look for:
  • The protection of human and labor rights for growers or producers of raw materials
  • The use of sustainable raw materials over conventional alternatives where possible.
  • Respect for animal rights in the procurement of raw materials.

Here at azneo, we’re passionate about sharing brands and ideas to inspire you to build the sustainable lifestyle you desire. At last, you can align your retail therapy with your values: mindful, ethical, eco-friendly.