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Chaksarn Large Leather Tote Handbag

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The Esquire bag is an oversized tote bag that brings together modern fashion and Thai culture as never before. By perfectly blending materials, this companion tote is a statement of individuality. Esquire Bag is made of two different materials.

Water sedge mat: The mats are hand-woven from natural water sedge commonly found in Isaan (north eastern Thailand). The sedge is a durable fibre and will last for many years. The traditional patterns are designed and woven into a mat by the villagers.

Cow Barong Oil Leather: A cow 2-tone oil leather creating a smooth wrinkled texture. The 2-tone effect will increase with age and use.

Chaksarn is a Thai brand that creates handbags using traditional Thai weaving techniques. Founder Jirawat Mahasarn’s goal was not only to preserve this beautiful craft but to share the technique with the world. A Chaksarn bag combines traditional Thai materials, woven by hand, then incorporated into a modern bag profile with genuine, hand-dyed leather. By carrying one, you are contributing to the survival of traditional Thai culture and providing a regular income to small communities.
  • Handbag Size:
  • Height: 12.99"
  • Width: 7.87"
  • Length: 15.75"
  • Weight: 3.53lbs