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Woman in Bath 12" Bone China Gold Transfer Round Plate

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San Yu went to Paris to study and dedicated his life to painting. His works are an exquisite example of Eastern and Western artistic elements blended together in a way that gave voice to the humanist zeitgeist of the times, his simple and flowing painting style earning him the title “The Matisse of the East.”

In this work a naked woman sits on a low table with her back to the viewer, exuding the subtle gracefulness of an Asian woman, her arms lifted to fix her hair as if lost in thought. At the center of the painting the black lines and simple elegant yellow of the objects depicted speak to a breathtaking purity. Viewers can feel the magical atmosphere of the scene, replete as it is with the languid deep feelings and earnest expectation of womanhood.

  • 12 inches
  • Bone china
Tai-Hwa is a Taiwanese ceramics brand whose mission is to combine beauty and usefulness. Their distinctive pottery fuses traditional techniques with cutting-edge experimentation, resulting in vivid colors and unrivaled quality that will last a lifetime. After 30 years in business, Tai-Hwa still produces in the old pottery district of Yingge, in Taipei, where local artists use local materials to bring Taiwanese pottery to the world.