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Aries Pandora Transforming Origami Handbag

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Conceptual handbag made by stitched tri-color triangle and rectangle microfiber PU patches with flexible tulle which makes the handbag colorful and cute.

  • Transformable into three different shapes - tote bag, gusset bag and cube
  • Made of microfiber PU
  • With longshoulder strap
Hanaa-FU is a Japanese label that designs and produces unique, origami-inspired handbags. The multi-function folding handbag took creator Takashi Yamamoto five years to perfect, working tirelessly to the 3F design motto: Futuristic, Fun and Function. One bag, half a decade in the making that performs as five different bag profiles: that’s an homage to the slow fashion movement if ever we saw one.
Height Width
13" / 33 cm 13" / 33 cm