5 ways pre-owned luxury will raise your fashion game

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to get stuck in a fashion rut. Our closets are full to bursting with cheap clothes that only made us feel great once or twice. And the stores display the same tired styles as we saw half the bar wearing last Saturday night. Uninspired, much? Me too. Add to this the creeping disquiet that buying a $10 top every time we have a Tinder date probably isn’t going to save the planet any time soon.

It’s no wonder stylish women everywhere are casting around for an alternative.

Fear not, friends, there is another way! Shopping and selling pre-owned luxury fashion online is a sure-fire way to up your fashion game. And guess what! By buying fewer, better quality garments that you truly love, you’ll actually have more to wear, not less.


Buying certified pre-owned luxury means you will amass a collection of premium pieces that will last for many seasons to come. Garments that took time and skill to make using quality natural materials last longer. And when they do become unwearable, luxury clothing biodegrades faster than the cheap plastic-based fabrics that fill the fast fashion stores.

With this new approach, aim to buy staple items that you will want to wear forever: a classic trench coat, a designer bag or a pair of well-fitting jeans. And rather than throw away a garment at the first sign of a hole, repair or even upcycle your best threads for maximum enjoyment.


It’s a common misconception that owning designer brands is exclusively for the rich and famous. By shopping luxury consignment, you have access to a treasure trove of incredible designers all at affordable prices.

We need a mindset makeover when it comes to cost per wear. If you buy a classic pair of designer boots but they rarely leave your feet for the next five years, your fashion spend is going to be much less than if you’re always replacing your fast fashion footwear when it breaks. You heard right, buying designer clothes can save you money. That’s economics we can get on board with!


Studies show that we only wear 20% of what’s hanging in our closets. Putting the remaining 80% back into circulation for another style-savvy sister to wear is a great style move. You’ll have more space in your closet, not to mention the extra money in your pocket for exciting new garments! Plus, someone else has the chance to shine in your consignment. Everyone wins!


Fast fashion stores use trend analysis to determine what to put on their shelves. As they all work off the same data, it’s no surprise that their collections end up so repetitive. And if your individual style or figure isn’t catered for this season, that’s just too bad. When shopping online consignment clothing, there’s something to suit every taste and every waist, so finding pieces that embody your inimitable look becomes easy.

Plus, unlike the fast fashion risk of arriving at a wedding in the same dress as your cousin, with pre-owned luxury goods you are sure to look unique.

Whilst I love a good rummage through my local boutique, the beauty of shopping an online consignment shop is that you have access to a wider range than most traditional stores could stock. All you need is an internet connection to access a dizzying array of pre-loved treasures from stylish closets across the globe.

Sustainable Style

It started with the influencers, and now even British royalty is cottoning on to the fact that it’s no longer a mark of good style to pull out a new outfit for every occasion. When Kate Middleton first re-wore a dress, the fashion industry went into meltdown. But turns out she was on to something. Sustainability and conspicuous conservation are the buzzwords of the decade when it comes to style.

The fashion industry produced 100 billion clothes in 2015 for only 7 billion humans. This gross overconsumption is no longer acceptable. Instead, those in the know are re-wearing their favorite, designer consignment with the hashtags #buylesschoosewell and #fewerbetter. So next time you step out in your favorite pre-owned designer dress for a second or even a third time, know you’re in good company.

This trend isn’t like any other. It’s no flash in the pan, adored today and discarded tomorrow. Shopping pre-owned luxury will place you at the top of your fashion game this season and for every season to come.