Meet the label: Hanaa-Fu

Hanaa-Fu is a handbag brand from Japan that fuses Eastern beauty with Western elegance to create clever purses that you’ll wonder how you lived without! We caught up with the brand’s designer Masato Tsubouchi, who filled us in on the label’s unique and inspiring ethos.

Hanaa-Fu took the Japanese market by storm with their revolutionary handbag that transforms into seven different styles with a few clever folds. Now, their playful yet functional fair trade handbags are available to the world on Azneo, a dream for Tsubouchi and his team.

Modern Origami

Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of origami, the bag’s many guises are achieved using an ingenious series of folds and poppers. The minimalist lines of the origami aesthetic will add a directional edge to any look.

Despite these traditional origins, Hanaa-Fu’s ethos revolves around the notion of Kaizen: continuous improvement. The brand is known for giving young designers their first break, infusing their collections with raw enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Last year saw a range of bags featuring the iconic scribbles of 80s American graffiti artist Keith Haring in a stylish nod to international street culture.

It’s this combination of old and new, Japanese and international, high and street fashion that makes the brand so compelling. And Japanese Instagram royalty agree! Fans including @kojiuematsu and @i_am_takahashi reinforce Hanaa-Fu’s fashion credentials beyond doubt.

Unparalleled Versatility

From a roomy tote, ideal for when you’re bringing paperwork to a meeting, to a sleek envelope clutch for a glamorous night out, the origami bag is designed to be your versatile ally day or night. Then, it occupies minimal space in a globetrotter’s luggage, ideal for your next adventure.

“I would like to see as many people as possible wearing this bag,” says Tsubouchi. And that’s the beauty of the design, it will look chic worn by anyone, from businessperson to backpacker.

Slow Fashion Future

Tsubouchi’s proudest moment is when a customer sees the superior quality and craftsmanship of their new bag. The ultimate slow fashion piece, each one requires meticulous work and skill. Just one seam or popper out of place would render the bag’s transformation impossible. Original designer, Takashi Yamamoto went through 2000 iterations before landing on one he was satisfied with, a process which took over five years.

When it comes to sustainability and fashion, the Hanaa-Fu team are the experts. Every new product has to pass the 3F design motto: it has to be Futuristic, Fun & Functional. As we at Azneo know, the future of our planet will rely on sustainably-designed fashion that we love for longer. This eco-friendly handbag is sure to become your go-to thanks to its fun design and functional versatility.

Handbag Goals

When he’s not designing ethically made handbags, you can find Tsubouchi pounding the pavements on a stress-busting run, or enjoying Japanese food – his favorite thing about his native country. Tsubouchi’s dream is for the origami bags to take their place in the fashion hall of fame alongside the likes of luxury bag brand Louis Vuitton. A spot they more than deserve as far as we’re concerned!

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